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Your viewer's scout for what's on television.

Over-the-air viewers have been missing something on their televisions that cable and satellite viewers have had for some time… Program grids. There are some out there on other formats. You've seen 'em, we've seen 'em. OTA was largely missing them. We saw that there was one other and we knew we could do better. With these acknowledgements we agreed it must be done. Not just a place to find out what to watch; a simple addition that adds value to over-the-air. A grid that makes it more robust and keeps viewers on their televisions instead of paper media or distracting devices.

With that TV Scout was born. And our goal to build a diginet that broadcasters and viewers would love was under way. As a network that is ultimately responsible for our viewers we quickly realized three things: It needed to be visually simple and striking, definitely correct, and it had to be local. If you would kindly take a look to your right you'll find that we have achieved just that!

The next thing we realized is that along with a new network we also needed the infrastructure to deliver it. We went to NAB. We saw the gear. We quickly decided to build our own. Along with the simplicity of the information delivery we think that putting a network on the air should also be simple. Meaning ONE box should exist for a diginet not the traditional three to four required for different reasons. In the solution we built, we have combined video generation, encoding that's ATSC compliant, as well as compliant EAS notifications. All in a 2U box. Bam!

This infrastructure shift from the traditional has made TV Scout a very appealing offer for broadcasters thus far. Given the content's nature we only need a small amount of bandwidth and just like that, all of the viewers in each market we serve knows what's on next. Mission accomplished :)